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Rethink Cannabis Cannabis is transforming our world.  By rediscovering this ancient plant, we are learning new and sustainable ways to make food, fiber, fuels, and medicine.  By defetishising the plant, society is starting to rethink what we thought we knew about cannabis. Rethinking the way we treat cannabis can have a profound effect on how we consume it, use it in medical treatments, and regulate it.  The Rethink Cannabis campaign is an effort to promote this fundamental change in how we approach the plant. It’s about people waking up to the idea that cannabis is a food. What does it mean to you? Rethink Cannabis is a social media campaign happening around the world.  To participate, simply post what rethink cannabis means to you using #RethinkCannabis on Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest.  We will post to this website selected submissions sent to us at info@proplantware.com. Read the October, 2014 article in Medical Jane Rethink Cannabis: Treating Cannabis as a Dietary Essential.
There is strong anecdotal evidence going back centuries to suggest that cannabis is an important part of the human diet.  But scientifically proving it will take many years. The challenge is proving that the illnesses that cannabis appears to treat are actually partly caused by a lack of cannabis in the diet.  The most exciting implication of this is the potential to prevent many illnesses before they start.  This type of diet related health experiment simply cannot be performed in a laboratory. The only way to prove this scientifically is to make it work on a large scale in the real world.  If cannabis is reintroduced to a population’s diet, the next generation should experience a radical drop in many types of illness including epilepsy and cancer. In order to conduct this experiment, the global community needs to focus our effort on one country.  We need an example for the world to see of what happens when cannabis is allowed to be grown on a very large scale - large enough to serve as the country’s main food crop, and without the over regulation and taxation that make it unaffordable.   This is the only way to show what cannabis can really do.  Of all the countries on earth, South Africa is the best suited for this experiment.  Here are five reasons why: 1. South Africa is home to several landrace cannabis plants that contain important cannabinoids like CBD, THCV, and CBDV.  Because these plants grow wild, they can be farmed with minimal effort using no sprays or fertilizer.  This also means the plants cannot be patented because they are wild.   2. South Africa is already one of the world’s largest exporters of cannabis.  This means there are many farmers with extensive cannabis experience. 3. The government has not yet set up a taxation system for cannabis. In other countries that have legalized medical and recreational cannabis, it was done using the promise of tax revenue. This results in cannabis that is unaffordable, particularly in the large quantities needed for dietary treatments.  4. South Africa has large populations who receive little or no medical care.  If we can show these populations experiencing dramatically lower rates of illness like epilepsy and cancer, the big pharmaceutical firms will not be able to take any credit for it. 5. South Africa has a thriving legalization movement.  The Non profit organization “Fields of Green for All”  http://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za  is doing very impressive work.  With help from the global community, achieving universal access to cannabis is an ambitious but realistic goal. What you can do to help: In March of 2016 the South African High Court is hearing a cannabis case challenging the constitutionality of the cannabis laws.  If the pro legalization side wins this case, it would be a major step forward.  They need expert witnesses from around the world to appear in court and make the case for universal access to Cannabis.  They also need help paying the legal fees.   If you are an activist for legalization in your community, talk to your fellow activists and make an effort to also raise awareness and fundraise for this effort in South Africa. If you are part of a cannabis organization, ask the other members to join you in supporting the work in South Africa.    Adding links from your site to theirs is a free way to show them support. If you are a legitimate medical cannabis expert living anywhere in the world, please volunteer to be an expert witness in this trial.  For more info please visit https://daggacouple.co.za 
Rethink Cannabis