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Ontara CBD Seeds Free 12 pack of Ontara CBD seeds with purchase over $100 “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Medical cannabis is too expensive.  Many people who need CBD simply cannot afford it. By planting Ontara, we can create a free and sustainable source of CBD.  Pro Plant  Ware has discovered a wild medical cannabis plant we call Ontara.  Ontara has made Canada its home for over 200 year.  In 1801 Canadian farmers began to grow hemp (cannabis.)  After the Revolutionary War, the British navy needed ropes and sails. They gave free land to those who fought in the war. The farmers on these lands were paid to grow a special type of cannabis, making it Canada's first subsidized crop.  These plants began growing wild.  For over 200 years the cannabis plants have survived and thrived in isolated populations. They have withstood the harsh Canadian climate without any help from humans. With no fertilizing, pest suppression, protection from the elements or cultivation of any kind, the plants survived and re-seeded themselves year after year.  Ontara has some amazing characteristics that make them of particular value. A good source of CBD and other rare cannabinoids - low in THC Incredible immune system - no pest control sprays needed Self-sufficient - no fertilizers needed Self-reseeding - no cultivation needed Ideal for breeding - improve your favorite plant’s genetics   Cannabis with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD is notoriously difficult to test accurately because the THC levels are within the margin of error.  Please note that test results may vary. Intended as a novelty item only.  No guarantee of germination Ontara Gardening Tips Ontara has proven for 200 years that it does not need help from humans to survive. There are organic gardening techniques that will help your plants thrive. Companion planting is an ancient technique. By planting certain beneficial plants among your Ontara garden, you can reduce pest populations and improve the nutrient availability of the soil. Stinging nettles is an ideal choice for companion planting. The stinging nettles deter many garden pests. Compost made from decomposing stinging nettles produces an excellent nutrient source for Ontara. Simply mulch stinging nettles in the fall (once they have produced seeds). By mixing the mulch into your native soil or using it as a top dressing, you can produce a nutrient rich soil as well as a new generation of stinging nettles to guard your garden.  The use of some beneficial bacteria is also helpful for Ontara. The soil ecology within a plant’s root ball is known as the rhizosphere. The microbes that live in the rhizosphere have a symbiotic relationship to the plant. They digest the available nutrients and produce by-products that the plant can absorb. The relationship between the plant’s micro biome and our own micro biome does not end there.  Just as our gut microbes have been shown to be linked to our immune system, the plant’s rhizosphere has an enormous impact on the plant’s ability to fight off pathogens. In fact, many of the same microbes that play important roles in the plants rhizosphere are the same microbes living in the gut of a healthy person. Bacillus subtilis is a perfect example of such a microbe. It helps the plants it lives on by eating pest species like powdery mildew. This symbiotic relationship improves the health of the plant.  If you consider that cannabis is a natural part of our diet, it should come as no surprise that the same microbe (bacillus subtilis) is also a natural beneficial gut microbe in humans.  Natto is a Japanese dish made from fermented soy beans using bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis in foods has been shown to suppress growth of bad bacteria like salmonella and other pathogens in humans. Microbes like this hold the key to organic gardening, pest control, and maximizing the beneficial properties of the plants you cultivate. Simply mix some Natto into a watering can filled with rain water.  Water the soil around your Ontara plants with it to inoculate the rhizosphere.  You can even spray the inoculated water on the plants themselves if Powdery Mildew becomes a problem.
Ontara CBD Seeds