2014-2015 ProPlantWare
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Help Wanted Academic Cannabinoid Researchers Wanted Pro Plant Ware is working with a small team of researchers and plant breeders to develop new varietals  (strains) of hemp and medical cannabis that contain rare cannabinoids.  There is a permit available to medical researchers called a section 67 Licence for Research Involving Cannabis.  We would like to work with academics who are interested in applying for this research permit.  This would allow for a mutually beneficial relationship where we could provide the farming infrastructure and plant genetics to supply any cannabinoid profile needed for your research, while your permit eligibility would allow us to scale up our breeding experiments.  If this is of interest to you please contact us for more info. Full Plant breeder recognized by the Canadian Seed Growers Association Pro Plant Ware has assembled nearly everything necessary to conduct a series of breeding experiments on industrial hemp in Ontario for the 2015 grow season.  We already have the farm, the genetics, and the experience we need. Under Canadian law, we still require a “full plant breeder” to oversee the experiments.  If this is you, Please contact us to join our team. Model Activists Wanted Pro Plant Ware has a new clothing line promoting the “Rethink Cannabis” message. We are seeking models around the world to serve as brand ambassadors. Get discounts on our clothing with the possibility of paid work in the future. We are particularly interested in people with medical conditions that they are treating with medical cannabis. We are also seeking Canadian activists to help promote the Liberal Party’s plan to legalize cannabis if they win the next federal election. If this is you, please contact us and include a photo to join our team.
Help Wanted